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A sobering thought for my fellow geeks who wish to work out.

Okay first off, I realize that my nerds guide to working out actually had some push, so to those who are actually working out I have some advice to offer you.

Find your limits and push past them SLOWLY, but STEADILY.

When I first started working out, I made an error in letting my ego absorb the fact that I was working out and getting stronger, and I was so hooked on getting stronger and stronger that I kept undertaking things I was not ready for and tiring myself out before I could get an optimal workout in.


I took my inspiration from The Dark Knight too seriously.

Yes, I got stronger. I’m quite strong, and I learned to accept my limits and move past them rather than accepting my hubris and believing myself above my limits to put myself above the guy next to me.


But, I learned, and I’m hoping you will learn and go at a pace faster than me. Working out and getting stronger, you will not be able to do this:


One thing that will get in your way more than a lack of motivation is your hubris, and I am not so bold as to say I discovered this long ago, after some long thought on myself and my mind this weekend I figured out that I have limits, and I am excited to break them. I am excited to see just how far I can go and the spark to workout is back again.

Get this straight, you aren’t going to become Goku in a day.

You aren’t going to become a Super Saiyan in a day.

You aren’t going to become Armstrong in a day.

You aren’t going to be able to take Edward Elric, Alphonse, or Major Armstrong’s workout regiment in one day.


Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of feeling lesser for lifting less than the guy next to you.

Perhaps one day I will be a Super Saiyan, but for now how about I become a Super Human first?

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